Modern Contact Manager

Stop making records and start making connections. Evermeet is reinventing contact management to help you build a better network.

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Getting lost in business cards? 😤 Wasting too much time on data entry? 😫 Having chaos in your address book, full of incomplete and outdated contacts? 🤬 With Evermeet, you can put a stop to that.

Meet AirHand, and say goodbye to business cards

With Evermeet’s proprietary AirHand technology, it takes seconds to make a connection — just launch the app and hold your phone near someone else’s. It’s as fast as it sounds. And it works offline.

Met someone without the app? No problem.

Connect with anyone by sharing a link or simply showing a QR code. Evermeet will create a private webspace to preview and manage your information. When your new contacts have Evermeet, they will get your connection request within the app.

Get everyone you need right from your Inbox

When someone emails you, Evermeet puts them to the “Suggested”. This is where you decide if you want to connect. Plus and they’re in, Swipe and you’ll never see them again. It’s that simple.


Stay connected in a central place, without all the noise

Update your contacts, get more essential details, and bring all your meaningful connections together — with just a tap.

Spend no time on data entry and get a better network in return

Complete and up-to-date details every time you need them

Once connected, you will always have the most comprehensive and accurate contact information.

Never forget where or when you got in touch

Evermeet automatically adds a searchable context to each connection, so you can easily look someone up by dates, events, and places.

Get insights on time

Stay up to date with the recent activity view, and never miss updates that might be super relevant for you at the moment with customizable notifications.

Evermeet puts privacy first. Your profile is not publicly searchable, and your contact information is only shared with the connections you accepted. And for whatever reason you need it, you can instantly cut anyone from the updates.

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